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In this mythology, cats really do have nine lives, and Jia is still on her first one. Unfortunately, Han cut her family into pieces, preventing them from coming back to life. After a brief period of adolescent-level disagreement e. When Rajiv informs Jia that she has been betrothed to a tiger prince from Korea without her knowledge or consent and that the prince is on his way to claim her, Jia escapes into the forest with Russell hot on her heels.

You can imagine how long that rule lasts, particularly with the two of them living in Russell's small cave — his bat cave, as Jia calls it. Jia's part of the partnership mostly involves sniffing around Han's various campsites trying to find his scent. So much for her "equal partnership" claim.

The Undead Next Door by Kerrelyn Sparks : Book Review

A related sub-plot features Xiao Fang, the dragon boy Han and Darafer captured at the finale of the previous book. Sparks has indicated that she may well add to this series in the future, so perhaps we'll hear more about Xiao Fang at that time. Another very slender story thread involves Rajiv, who finds his true love in an unexpected manner.

Han's identity a shocker that is telegraphed early in the story is finally revealed officially near the end of the book. The plot takes a number of twists and turns as the starring couple goes from the bat cave to Han's underground dungeon to the gates of Hell and back.

Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks Dream Cast

The final scene is a charming, but predictable, throwback to O. Henry's iconic short story, "Gift of the Magi. Russell is by far the most interesting and well-developed character in this book. Although Jia is cute and perky, she is also annoyingly naive, immature, petulant, and insensitive. Although the two have a few passionate love scenes, there isn't much chemistry between them at any level beyond pure lust.

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Jia is such a shallow character that she adds very little positive energy to the story. So shortsighted and egocentric!

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I continue to wonder why paranormal romances are filled with complex and fascinating men — the ancient vamps and shifters — who choose to mate with young, beautiful-but-vapid modern women. In this book, Sparks manages to give us a proper adventure, a tortured romance, and a big finale that ties up every single loose end. It's HEA all the way, with family and friends going into a peaceful future, and the bad guys getting exactly what they deserve.

If you are a regular reader of the series, you'll definitely want to read this book just to see how it all ends. Throughout the series, plots revolve around Roman Draganesti and his supernatural friends, mostly vampires and shape shifters. Roman, a vampire, is a former medieval monk who became a twenty-first-century millionaire when he invented synthetic blood. The good guys are the vampires and the two bad-guy groups are the Malcontents vamps who reject synthetic blood and keep draining humans and the Stake-It Squad a CIA-sponsored group dedicated to killing all vamps—both good and bad.

Each book follows one couple from the time they meet until they overcome all obstacles and become soul mates. Most of the early stories take place in Manhattan. Humorous touches include the beverages that Roman invents to increase vampiric food choices e. Another bizarre touch of humor comes in book 2, when a vampire harem rocks the vampire world by asserting their feminine independence.

In addition to the vamps, shape shifters of various types e. Click HERE to read excerpts from the books. Click HERE to go to a cast of characters with a time line for each of their lives. Note: the species listed here is the person's original species at the beginning of the book, not what he or she might eventually become :.

The Undead Next Door

This book tells the story of Carlos werepanther and Caitlin human. Caitlin is the sister of Shanna, heroine of book 1 and wife of Roman Draganesti. The two women are the daughters of Sean Whelan, the villainous vampire slayer. Carlos and Caitlin meet and fall in lust at a birthday party for Shanna's son, where Caitlin meets Shanna's extended supernatural family for the first time.

In book 10, Marielle is a Deliverer, an angel who takes the souls of the dead. You know what happens next, right? Although they are mutually attracted, there are of course some obstacles blocking the road to love. Connor is wracked with guilt about the death of his wife and child centuries ago, and Marielle is torn between her love for Connor and her desire to go back to heaven ASAP. As the action advances, Marielle becomes an asset to the vampire team, and the lust between Connor and Marielle grows too strong for them to ignore.

When you read that scene, you'll say to yourself, "I always knew that would happen to him. She lightly touched the lever, and the toilet flushed. She jumped back, then laughed.

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Humans are so clever. Marielle also has to learn to eat, to wear clothing including underwear , to refrain from saying everything that comes into her mind, etc. I suppose this is all meant to be LOL funny, but it gets old pretty quickly. Heather Westfield has always lived a quiet life, but that all changes when she helps a very handsome, very mysterious stranger.

There's something not quite right about Jean-Luc, but still, she's never been with a man so charming, so attractive Now if only a murderous villain wasn't after them, they might get their happily-ever-after.

Book Review: The Undead Next Door (Love at Stake, #4)

Heather, with a friend, who models for Jean Luc Escharpe, accompanies her. Then she is caught by him sketching one of his designer dresses, and he is furious, but then through a turn of events he offers her a job in his studio, for her ideas have merit, something he never thought about before.

When he shows her his designs in the back, they are attacked by his hated enemy, Lui, who has murdered his past two girlfriends, and now assumes that Heather is the third. So now Jean Luc must protect her, no matter how resistant she is to the idea. Fashion Design is one of his passions, and knows that there is a very good chance that he will lose all that he has worked hard for. He also finds himself intensely jealous of his friends that have found mortal women to love, but knows that could never happen to him, since he has yet to find the crazy vampire who is his enemy and murdered the past two women he has loved.

Now he has focused his attention on a innocent women, and honor bound to protect her…but never expecting to fall in love.

The Undead Next Door (Love at Stake #4)

The Heroine Heather Westfield Heather Westfield, grew up with a mother that was obsessed with fear, and that obsession ended up with them both being killed. Now she is divorced to a man that was controlling, but she has a beautiful daughter, the only thing good and beautiful that came from that dreadful mistake.

Now has met the world famous designer Jean Luc Esharpe who has offered her a job, which is her dream. But through meeting him, ends up being hunted by a crazy killer, and now must accept the protection of Jean Luc, who is the perfect man…but there is something about him…a secret that she is afraid will tear apart what they have built and a dangerous killer that could destroy their love. Of course all that have read this series, just have fallen in love with Jean Luc and his charisma. So it was great to be able to read his story.

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The Undead Next Door is a emotional yet intense story about two people from opposite worlds, one who is a vampire and has lived for centuries and has no hope in life other than his fashion design career. The other is a woman who has suffered from pain and grief and has had to live in fear, but now decides to start anew and battle with fear and win…these two are both courageous and witty, their interaction fun and sexy, and the passion between them heated and sensual….

Such a charming and sexy story, and I had such fun throughout all of it, and many laughs throughout all of it…Definitely a Winner!!! Sparks has won me over again…..