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Chemistry is a science that is central to so many scientific areas that impact our daily lives.


The modern study of fundamental chemical concepts and properties is paving the way toward the development of so many new technologies and products. New drugs promise to effectively treat diseases, new materials promise alternative ways of producing and storing energy, new spectroscopic methods promise to reveal the inner workings of molecules whether on earth or in deep space, new analytical methods promise to detect single cells even single molecules, new computational tools promise to accurately understand and model the molecular world.

Nanotechnology has become a household name yet refers to the design of new materials including polymers, catalysts, sensors, and so many other products from the ground up, at the molecular scale. This is but a snapshot of what is the modern world of chemistry.


An issue exists around the globe and a breakthrough that can help. This hair repigmentation and protection active ingredient showed outstanding clinical results.

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Peptide aimed to rebuild and organize collagen architecture increasing a key protein level. This protein has not been described before in the cosmetic market and is an essential pillar, together with collagen VI, in the organization of new fibers. Efficacy has been proved in a multi-racial in vivo panel. Richard has a keen interest in researching innovative new raw materials and the ways in which the industry will approach the need for increased levels of product personalization.

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Chloe Takahashi is a founder of Cosme Hunt who was born and raised in Japan. When she moved to West coast in as a designer for tech startup, she had a difficulty for finding right cosmetics and skincare products for herself. She started introducing Japanese products and it had sparked a new idea to sell J-beauty products online to her friends. She has pioneered the J-beauty phenomenon in the US.

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She travels regularly between San Francisco and Tokyo to find the best products and new, innovative skincare. He received a Ph. Now he brings his knowledge into the development of novel active ingredients for cosmetic applications. Fleury holds an M.

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Before joining Givaudan Active Beauty, he was Technical Marketing Manager and Worldwide Business Developer for an analytical equipment manufacturer, dedicated specifically to the cosmetic industry. During his entire career, he has been closely monitoring and reporting on the specialty chemicals industry in various areas such as Personal Care Ingredients, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Emulsions Polymers, Biocides and Surfactants.

Color - The search for new colors in the midth century boosted the development of modern chemistry.

click Measurement: The Foundation of Chemistry - The distinction between accuracy and precision and its importance in commerce and science are explained. Modeling the Unseen - Models are used to explain phenomena that are beyond the realm of ordinary perception.

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A Matter of State - Matter is examined in its three principal states — gases, liquids, and solids — relating the visible world to the submicroscopic. The Atom - Viewers journey inside the atom to appreciate its architectural beauty and grasp how atomic structure determines chemical behavior. The Periodic Table - The development and arrangement of the periodic table of elements is examined.

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Chemical Bonds - The differences between ionic and covalent bonds are explained by the use of scientific models and examples from nature. Molecular Architecture - The program examines isomers and how the electronic structure of a molecule's elements and bonds affects its shape and physical properties. Signals From Within - Chemists' knowledge of the interaction of radiation and matter is the basis for analytical methods of sensitivity and specificity. The Mole - Using Avogadro's law, the mass of a substance can be related to the number of particles contained in that mass.

Water - The special chemical properties of water are explored, along with the need for its protection and conservation. The Driving Forces - Endothermic and exothermic reactions are investigated and the role of entropy is revealed. Molecules in Action - Observing molecules during chemical reactions helps explain the role of catalysts.